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Remember The Milk

We all only have 168 hrs a week.
Lets say we sleep for 8 hrs a night, or 56 hrs a week
Lets say we spend an additional 12 hrs a week eating
So we now have 100 hrs remaining.
Say we sell 40 hrs to our boss and use about 8 hrs commuting.
This leaves use with about 52 hrs to distribute between our partners, kids, hobbies and relaxation.

Realistically, this is often more like 40 hours.

I am a big fan of anything that saves me time or automates something, in short, improving my productive time. And in an increasingly digital and mobile world, it is important that it is accessible from anywhere. From a "Getting Things Done" (GTD) perspective, ToDo lists are equivalent of the everyday "runway" tasks (as opposed to 10,000", 20,000".. tasks). Through the years I have tried many systems. These have ranged from complex FiloFax paper and electronic based systems to simple ToDo in my planner pad. In general what I am looking for is:

  • Simple but with adequate features
  • Access it from anywhere with an interned connection.
  • Classify and group the Tasks
  • Prompt me for tasks due and do not show me tasks that are not due
  • Prioritize my tasks
  • Add notes
  • Free or low cost

Towards the end of 2006, I discovered a free online tool called Remember the Milk which more than met my criteria. It is one of the new breed of Web2.0 web applications (with the creation of some modern programming languages like AJAX and the new ideas of social networking, it is now possible to create complete interactive applications online that also can take advantage of networking of multiple users - known as Web2.0). Here is a screen print of the application.

And here is a second screen print of the tasks tab.

Remember the Milk Tasks

Remember the Milk Tasks

As you can see, you can create context specific lists. And not only that, but you can then tag (one or more simply free form descriptors) each individual task. And all the tags are displayed in a tag cloud (also known as word clouds).

Remember The Milk Task Tags

Remember The Milk Task Tags

The relative size of the word indicates the relative importance of the word (calculated by the number of & priority of tasks tagged with this word). It is a simple visual representation of the tasks and their importance. Each task can have:

Remember The Milk Task Details

Remember The Milk Task Details

  • Due date
  • Repeat
  • Time Estimate
  • Location - links to Google Maps
  • URL
  • Number of time postponed
  • Shared with
  • Notes

Some other great features are the ability to share task lists or individual tasks, and get a daily notification of your tasks due today and overdue tasks. This makes it easy to allow other users to see what you are busy with and for you to manage your own task list.

All in all, it is a really impressive little tool and I have found that it helped me immensely to save time and plan my time and tasks. Be sure to read the help notes and the blog to learn more about more tricks and features.

I highly recommend that you try this application. That's all for now.

The SAPGuy

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